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Reading Job Board Postings

Title: Short name of the job, so you can reference it with your chummers.
Requirements: The kinds of job skills needed for this run. Deviate at your own risk. The Johnson might not hire you if you don’t have the skills.
Pay Rate: How much you can expect to earn. Might include various goods and services. Often negotiable. This is the whole sum, not per person.
Job Description: What the Johnson will tell you about the job parameters up front. Maybe ask questions if you don’t wanna accidentally take a job that will make the wrong enemies. But asking questions can also make you enemies, so maybe don’t?

PTA Meeting

Requirements: Any 2-3 runners.
Pay Rate: 3,500¥
Job Description: The Neighborhood Association was so satisfied with the resolution of the BTL factory problem on Downey Blvd. across from the Calvary cemetery that they have approved funds for a team to attend the upcoming PTA meeting at Belvedere Middle School. The goal is to underscore that the PTA and the Neighborhood Association will not stand for local gangs trying to encroach upon east L.A. neighborhoods. Violence is possible but nonlethal solutions are preferred.

Career Change

Requirements: Any 2-3 runners, but you gotta be tough.
Pay Rate: 500¥, plus a tray of home-baked confections
Job Description: Patron’s grandchild is taking courses in Franchise Gang Management at ITT Technical Institute. Patron would prefer them to switch to Medical Insurance Billing. Class is having a field trip to interact with members of the Cutters gang in east L.A. Runners should disrupt field trip and convince patron’s grandchild to drop the Franchise Gang Management program.

Hell of a Time

Requirements: Any 2-3 runners, but you probably want a magician of some sort.
Pay Rate: 3,000¥
Job Description: Some kind of free spirit is raising hell for people in the Citadel Outlets area. Hunt it down and banish it.

Missing Parts

Requirements: Any 2-3 runners with investigative and medical skills.
Pay Rate: 2,000¥.
Job Description: Patron was mugged and tailored bioware spleen was stolen. Retrieve missing organ.


Requirements: Any 2-3 runners, at least one of whom is a decker.
Pay Rate: 3,000¥
Job Description: Patron has been suffering intrusions from enemy decker and wishes to hire a contractor to perform Matrix security for their clothing business. Suspect gang aggression.

Gone East

Requirements: Any 2-3 runners with investigative skills.
Pay Rate: 4,000¥
Job Description: Patron’s sibling has gone missing after suffering an assault. Payment upon returning sibling or proof of location.

Long Distance Call

Requirements: Any 2-3 runners, at least one of whom is a decker with a Comlink utility.
Pay Rate: 300¥.
Job Description: Patron wishes to place an international call to his mom but doesn’t want to pay the exorbitant international rates. Runners will hack the RTG and make a connection for at least 2 minutes.

Backstage Pass

Requirements: 3-4 runners who must credibly form a band.
Pay Rate: 12,000¥.
Job Description: Patron wishes recovery of a valuable cultural artifact that is currently held on the grounds of a wealthy socialite. Team will infiltrate a party by taking on role of the band for said party and use the opportunity to secure the artifact.

Eye in the Sky

Requirements: 2-3 runners, at least one of whom is a rigger.
Pay Rate: 3,000¥.
Job Description: One of the local gangs has taken to using drones to spy on the various tenements so that they can break into people’s homes while folks are out at work or doing errands. It’s only a matter of time until someone comes home at the wrong time and gets killed. Take control of one of the drones and return with it intact.

The Hookup

Requirements: At least 2 runners, one of whom is a decker.
Pay Rate: 500¥.
Job Description: Lift access from the LTG to spoof an account for electrical hookup at a new bodega.

Ridin’ Shotgun

Requirements: Roxy and/or Ace, plus up to 2 other ‘runners
Pay Rate: 1,000¥ per person.
Job Description: Escort a Grim’s Runner’s truck from Los Angeles to San Bernardino for a delivery.

Completed Jobs

h3. Booty Protection
Requirements: Any 2-3 runners, should look tough.
Pay Rate: 1,500¥ NEW RATE: 3,000¥
Job Description: Patron has been harassed at work by an insistent client. Runners should disabuse that client of any further harassment.

Flames of Retribution
Requirements: Any 2-3 runners.
Pay Rate: 4,000¥.
Job Description: Local gang opened up a BTL manufactory just across from the Calvary cemetery. Burn it down.

Cold Call
Requirements: ?
Pay Rate: ?
Job Description: <signal>
“Oh drek, we’re really in it now. Somehow we got a gang on us? We’re holed up in the tenements on Kern across from La Milagrosa. If you can hear this, we need help. We can pay!”

Requirements: Any 2-3 runners, but one of you should either be a rigger or totally wiz on a bike.
Pay Rate: 5,000¥
Job Description: Grim’s Reapers gang are holding a motorcycle rally planning a race down City Terrace drive, along N. Eastern Avenue, and down Whittier to the Gilberto’s Taqueria on Whitter and Via Del Oro. Residents are sick of their street racing. Since taking on the entire gang would be suicide, infiltrate as an outside competitor, win the race, then tell them that you can’t race again for a month, so they can’t have another rally for at least that long. Patrons will stake you with up-front money to enter the rally.

Jobs Board

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