Gap Inc Arcology


The Gap Inc. Arcology serves as home, workplace, living space, and entertainment center for full employees of Gap Inc. Contractors also have temporary housing in its apartments.

This arcology structure is 50 stories tall, with massive entrances on the bottom floor and a helipad on the roof, as well as an auxiliary helipad on the 25th floor. The bottom floor contains a tridiplex theater, Banana Repancakes deli/grill restaurant (open 24 hours!), and multiple clothing outlets (Athleta, Gap, Banana Republic, Intermix, etc.), as well as a small corporate security station and medical center. All of this is accessible to the public. Higher floor access is limited to residents and approved visitors only, and includes various features such as apartments and condos, executive residences on upper floors, schools, first aid counters, indoor parks, amusement centers, and of course the industrial fabrication facilities for employees to work on design and construction of clothing.

The arcology’s space used to be the L.A. fashion district, but this massive building now occupies a huge chunk of that area, dealing with the construction and distribution of massive quantities of textiles. Though Gap Inc. also has overseas facilities, corporate extraterritoriality means that there’s no reason not to do manufacturing here, where there are no pesky employment or pollution regulations, and the employees will have at least some training in the English language and the use of the industrial infrastructure. Workers in the warehouses are mostly contractors, while machine operators, programmers, chemists, and designers are usually full corporate members.

Though members of local gangs like the Cutters will sometimes shop on the bottom floor, the interior of the arcology has its own gang ecosystem among the children of the employees and contractors.

Gap Inc Arcology

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