Gangs of Los Angeles

Gangs are endemic throughout Los Angeles, both as criminal organizations and as local groups of people trying to protect their own neighborhoods and survive. Depending upon the neighborhood, a gang might engage in selling drugs and BTLs and weapons, or might engage in protection rackets, or may serve as a clearinghouse for day labor and odd jobs.

Large Gangs

Ancients: An international gang found throughout the northern hemisphere, the Ancients are an elf go-gang.

Burning Angels: Largest gang in Los Angeles, but principally in El Infierno. Latinx gang with Anasazi ties. Runs drugs and weapons.

Cutters: Found through all of SoCal, the Cutters number in the hundreds, perhaps thousands. They engage in protection rackets and security jobs. They have connections with the Vory and the Mafia. The Cutters have a long-running hatred of elves due to beef with the Ancients.

Mexican Mafia: Also known as “La Eme,” this is a highly-structured, old gang with a long history and many connections. They are influential inside of prison as well. They have ties to the nation of Aztlan.

Mid-Sized Gangs

Chollos: Franchise gang found throughout San Diego and Los Angeles. Engaged primarily in labor operations, reselling of merchandise, and occasional intel jobs. Known for accepting members of low quality, but leaders have considerable business savvy and connections.

Chulos: Latinx gang that runs BTLs and drugs, primarily across the Aztlan/Pueblo borders.

Cocotona: Aztlan culture gang. Organized like a subversive revolutionary group or cult.

Grim’s Reapers: Motorcycle go-gang that runs CalHots and engages in human trafficking. Primarily found in downtown and southeast L.A.

Iron Crosses: Road hog gang in San Bernardino. Known for being violently racist.

New World Soldiers: Drug runners specializing in hallucinogens, based predominantly out of eastern L.A. and San Bernardino. Connected to the Anasazi in the Pueblo Corporate Council, from whom they acquire peyote.

Local Gangs

Artificial Kidz: (Burbank/Hollywood) Rich kids shadowed by a media group and filmed as a reality show.

Barbers: (North Downtown) Rollerblade chop-gang that engages in organlegging.

Chimneysweeps: (El Infierno) Kidnap gang that abducts minors.

Gravediggers: (San Bernardino) Ghoul gang.

Green Dragons: (El Infierno) Yakuza-backed narcosoft gang.

Hood Watch: (El Infierno) Brutal territorial gang in west Infierno. Very active in confronting outsiders.

La Muerte: (El Infierno) Small, local low-key neighborhood gang.

Los Hermanos del Mar: (San Juan Capistrano) Smuggling gang running out of the ruins of San Juan Capistrano.

Mongols: (Coast City) Boating/biker go-gang that harasses local traffic along the coast.

Panopticans: (Matrix) A Matrix gang of neo-anarchists and thrill-seekers.

Reclamation Crew: (El Infierno) Infrastructure gang in the Whitney neighborhood. Principally involved in stealing water for El Infierno neighborhoods.

Steel Wolves: (El Infierno) Vory muscle gang.

Steppin’ Wulfs: (Harbor Barrens) Violent thrill-kill gang.

Tigers: (El Infierno) Seoulpa gang opposed to the Green Dragons.

Gangs of Los Angeles

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