Razor Girl who hasta go fasta


Roxy is a neon apocalypse with two chrome arms. She draws attention like a commercial for her own brand of street justice. She’s wired up the kazoo with suspect quality cyberware and no reflex trigger. She’s running at Redline 24/7 and that makes her seem agitated, twitchy, and unsettling to others. She likes it.

Her arms are fully replaced with chromed-out cyberware tipped with non-retractable hand razors. If her choice of colorful garments didn’t grab someone’s attention, then her shiny murder limbs certainly will. She also likes this.

When she isn’t violently chewing bubblegum to preoccupy herself or loading up on calories before a run, Roxy is usually seen arriving to or leaving from a crime scene on her customized Yamaha Rapier which is equally as visually distinctive as she is. And yeah, she likes this too.



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