Shadowrun: Angels and SINners

Noisy Neighbors

July 12, 2060

Noisy Neighbors

It was a cool day in the city, well cooler than yesterday. Finally got an in with a fixer and was enjoying a bath when I got a call about a runner named Roxy. Fixer said she was on a job and could use some extra iron. I had nothing else going on and could use the yen.

I met Roxy at an apartment complex in East LA. When I saw she was a cybererd up razer girl, I knew things were starting to get interesting. I could hear the gunshots from the street. Apparently, some cutters were shooting up the place. They had no idea who was about to crash their little party.

We snuck up to the 3rd floor, apartment 9mm. I told Roxy to wait for my signal. I was able to ID the cutters through the wall and pulled out my Ingram. I let off a burst of hot death into the room and was able to put some lead into each of em. Then Roxy ran in and started slashing. She made short work of these so-called tough guys and the ones she didn’t gut I blasted with my Ingram.

The people we rescued gave us the box they stole. Looks like they stumbled onto one of the cutters dead drops and caught hell for it. It had a few hundred in cred sticks and a bag of virtu chips. Not really anything to for the cutters to get this bent of the shape over. Roxy and I were of the same mind that there might be something juicy on those chips. Blackmail data maybe no way to tell without going through them all. Roxy said she had a contact that might be able to find out.

My first real gig wasn’t as lucrative as I was hoping but its far more exciting than handyman jobs. After repairs and restocking ammo I might have enough left over for grocery’s this week. Oh well new career in the big city. But, gotta pay your dues before you hit the big time. Hopefully we find something juicy on those chips and get a better payday.


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Noisy Neighbors

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